Terms & Conditions

1.     All clients will be deemed to have accepted Exmouth Pet Sitters’ terms and conditions (as laid out here) whether verbally or in writing.

2.     Exmouth Pet Sitters undertakes to treat all data about clients and prospective clients as strictly confidential unless all parties agree otherwise.

3.     Exmouth Pet Sitters agrees to provide a sitter in accordance with the details provided by the client. This may include the care of pets and any other animals owned by the client, the maintenance of the home, plants and other requests by the client within reasonable limits.

4.     All keys when not in use will be kept in a secure safe. Keys will not be marked with any client details.

5.     Any client details will be kept secure and any clients who no longer wish to use our service, will have their details destroyed.

6.     Should the client be delayed on return Exmouth Pet Sitters will use its best endeavours to make alternative arrangements for continued cover even when the original sitter is unable to continue with care following the assignment end date.


1.     We reserve the right to stop walking/visiting a dog if it shows aggression to people or dogs

2.     We reserve the right to either impose supplementary charges and/or terminate this agreement if, the assignment changes from the description given by the client and needs more time or responsibility or if there is a change of the nature of the assignment which could not have been reasonable foreseen by either party.

3.     We will not be liable for any damage or injury caused by your pet except that of Third Party. There is always an hour window of time allowed to pick up and drop off your dog –i.e., a 10am pick up can mean 9am or 11am pick up.

4.     We cannot be held liable for theft or damage to your property or injury/illness to your pet unless we can be shown to be negligent.

5.     We reserve the right to deny or terminate service because of safety or financial concerns.

6.     Extreme weather conditions may mean a curtailment or cancellation of our service at short notice (We will keep your pet company if we get there).

7.     The client must provide all items necessary for pets to be adequately cared for in the client’s absence. (ie, food, medication, cat litter etc). Should pets require any additional supplies whilst in the care of Exmouth Pet Sitters, these will be purchased and added to the bill.

8.     The client must provide Exmouth Pet Sitters with the name and contact number of someone capable of making a decision relating to the pet(s) in an emergency. If the contact is not available Exmouth Pet Sitters reserves the right to consult with a veterinary surgeon and then make a decision which is in the best interests of the animal. Any fees incurred will be the responsibility of the owner and must be paid direct with the veterinary practice.

9.     It is recommended that dogs be kept on their leads whilst being exercised but should you request your dog to be let off then we cannot be held responsible for the loss, injury or death of your dog due to inadequate information provided.

10.    All dogs should wear a collar and ID tag with the relevant information as required by law and it is recommended that they should be micro-chipped.

11.    It is advisable that all pets have their relevant vaccinations, and where applicable, their annual boosters before services start.

12.    Although every care is taken to prevent contact with dogs with Kennel Cough, the incubation period means that it is always possible your dog may pick this up and we cannot be held liable for your dog contracting Kennel Cough. We strongly advise you discuss kennel cough with your vet. 

13.    The client must provide all information connected to the client’s house or pets that may be relevant before the commencement of the contract. In the event of continued service the client agrees to inform us of any changes since the previous booking.

14.    The client is liable for any expenses incurred in the purchase of any essential food or supplies or equipment required in the care of their pet(s) and on any occasion where damage occurs to any home boarder’s home or property as a direct result of the pet’s behaviour e.g biting, scratching, chewing etc.

15.    Crates will be used if the dog becomes destructive to protect the property or should they become a risk to themselves

16.    Aggressive dogs will not be boarded, any dog that shows this behaviour contrary to the owner’s belief will be removed for the protection of the resident dogs.

17.    Dogs will not be allowed to sleep upstairs under any circumstances other than illness or quarantine as required.


1.     The client is responsible for settling the company’s invoice for services within 7 days of the invoice date. Overdue invoices will incur an automatic 10% penalty and on ongoing £0.02 per day as covered by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts [Interest] Act 1998.

2.     Where services are required long-term clients are able to make payment on a weekly basis as agreed.

3.     Where payment is not received in accordance with these terms and conditions of business, the company reserves the right not to proceed with any previously agreed arrangements

4.     Whilst pets are in the care of Exmouth Pet Sitters, the client is responsible for any veterinary bills, unless incurred from the sitters’ negligence.

5.     Should the client return early during a booking full fees are payable. Refunds will be considered at the company’s discretion.

6.     24 hours notice of cancellation is required for all dog walking/day care services or full charges for that service will be incurred.

7.     Dog boarding/cat sitting/small animal care services require full payment at time of booking. 4 weeks cancellation notice is required for a full refund or 2 weeks for a 50% refund.


1.     To ensure peace of mind for our clients, Exmouth Pet Sitters holds insurance covering Public Liability, Loss or Theft of Keys, and Care Custody and Control of Animals.

2.     The insurance only covers the sitter when working on an assignment from the company and for the duration and times of the selected service.

3.     It is agreed that it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the property, its contents, and pets are adequately insured throughout the duration of the assignment.

4.     Exmouth Pet Sitters can accept no liability for the loss or injury to any pet, unless as a result of negligence.


1.     Where exceptional work in addition to our services is required, charges will be made accordingly depending on the level of skill required.

2.     The client is responsible for ensuring that the sitter is not placed in any avoidable or undue risk when entering into their home as recognised by the Health and Safety Executive.

3.     We will give a minimum of one weeks’ notice of any date that is unavailable, or 4 weeks’ notice for any pro-longed period.

4.     The company reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions of business and in doing so will post notification of changes on the website.